On May 30, 2005 the Johnn C. Potter Bridge was dedicated. The bridge crosses Elkhorn Creek at Mountain Branch Road. Approximatley 50 people attended the ceremony, a greatgrandaughter read the family history and Flo Potter Swiney cut the ribbon. John C. Potter married Mary Sykes and they had seven children with Flo being the only living child.

Pictured left to right are the grandchildren of John C. Potter (behind the ribbon), James Bartley (son of Myrtle) Kirby and Donald Potter (sons of Claude), David Swiney (son of Flo), Jerry Childers (son of Trudy), Flo Swiney (daughter of John C.) Front row Claudia Hylton (daughter of Claude), Brenda Sue Anderson, and Mary Ellen Bailiff (daughters of Mack) Bk Row Carolyn Childers, Mae Campbell, and Gail Weems (daughters of Trudy) and Marge Wilson, and Anita Shears Daughters of Myrtle, also pictured to left is Kenneth Robinson district 4 magistrate.

Photo is the property of Rodney Potter.


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